GCSE Map finished (well, begun)

shrunk version of map of GCSE Maths topics

The GCSE Mathematics topic map is now complete (apart from some links between topics in different modules). I will inevitably start to move topics around and change them: but the layout is here.

Next I’ll be adding Web links, Java applets, a few flash animations, and some HotPotatoes quizzes to the notes in the bare structure. This ability to manage content is where Tinderbox will come into its own. I can add content into the note representing each topic by adding notes within the note.

The history of this incremental project is covered in these posts…

As soon as I have some content in most of the topics, I’ll upload the pages produced by the HTML export function. The HTML export templates in Tinderbox are very flexible compared with other outlining or mind mapping software that I have experience with (MindGenius, Inspiration).

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