GCSE: Algebra map

Algebra map in Tinderbox

I’m hacking up a Web site to support GCSE students, and I’m using Tinderbox to provide visual maps of relationships between topics and to handle all the linking and navigation. I completed the shape map a few weeks ago, and I have just finished the Algebra map above. The red arrows on the map show the one way relation ‘Contains’. The double blue arrows are my way of showing ‘related to’ as a symmetric link. I hope that link types will be available for use in HTML export templates in a future release of Tinderbox; I’m not looking forward to making ‘Study Next’ links manually as text links within notes.

I’ll have the Number and Data maps complete soon enough, and then I will have worked through enough Flash Lessons to start adding some content. I may also be using David Joyce’s Geometry Applet to produce draggable diagrams for the geometry part of the space topic. I’m working on ‘animated formulas’ in Flash right now for the Algebra topic in the hope that students might remember their FOIL once they have played the animation a few times…

It will be interesting to see if students actually use the links and relations between topics to enrich their route or if they hack through the list of topics because of time. Perhaps I’m after using the ‘play’ aspect of Web surfing to spark some connections.

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