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I’m delivering a module in Resource Based Learning with an ILT bias. New experience working with colleagues at postgraduate level. Planning has to be revised quickly and I need to watch the theory/practice ratio.

The whole plan is getting more complex by the week. Being able to generate the Web notes from the plan by using a template is useful to say the least. My personal Tinderbox wish list is as follows:

  • bullet lists in notes
  • Map view that extends beyond the screen and that can be saved as a PDF file
  • RTF export template in addition to the HTML templates – generate a whole document

Tinderbox is deep software. it can do far more than I’m asking at present (notes, hyperlinks, agents used to generate indexes from category attributes attached to each note, automatic listing of links from and into a note). Worth a subscription to keep the author in squashes and cranberries.

Note added 9th nov: It looks like two of my wish list items already exist (Mark Bernstein left a message within a day).

  • Use textile syntax for bullet points (put asterisk as first character on the line)
  • To copy a large map, copy view as image on the edit menu. Paste
    into your favorite graphics editor. Print to pdf.

The suggestion that you export to RTF by defining an HTML template then loading the resulting file into Word or similar isn’t really what I had in mind but would work fine.

The moral is try searching the support site and the manual I suppose.

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