Equations slideshow

The slideshare deck above is designed to remind students about a lesson on linear equations. This is a change from YouTube, the slideshow has no sound track so there are comments added to the slides at various points. I have included this post under the heading of ‘podcast’ as I’m intending to contrast the slideshare version with a YouTube style screencast – the same slides minus the text and plus an audio sound track. The gain is two channel input and control over the timing of the screens. The loss might be the student’s choice of when to ‘turn the page’.

You can download the PowerPoint file for this slide deck if you want to have it in editable form, either from this page or from the SlideShare page.

This topic is quite an easy one in the GCSE Maths syllabus, more confident students might want to try harder questions, and the CIMT Mathematics Enhancement Programme has a nice 11 page handout with plenty of challenging questions. I’m working on a multiple choice quiz for less confident students with graded examples.

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