Bespoke HotPotatoes

screen grab of skills for life blog

As might be guessed I wrote them for a particular student who is struggling with remembering the names of muscles and arteries. I try all sorts of things, especially mnemonics, so I am trying Hot Potatoes quizzes with her to see if it works. She enjoys doing them, but she hasn’t learned the words yet. If I have them on the web, I am acting in accordance with the software licence and will have them there the next time I need them. They may be useful for someone else. I get this quite a lot with students I support, where they are asked to remember wonderful, impossible names for a level 2 NVQ; another example is where Horticulture students have to learn the Latin names of plants. I did Latin so the names of these muscles mean a little bit to me. They don’t mean much to my Somali student. Chris Jackson, Skills for Life Blog., emphasis added by kpb

Thanks, Chris, they are useful, and thank you for your generosity and the HotPotatoes team for their brilliant licence.

The Skills for Life blog is one of a small number that document tricks, dodges and resources used by working teachers in FE. If one person from each Programme Area in each College ran a blog and posted one resource each month, we would have 5000+ new resources over 12 programme areas each year. What a resource for new teachers!

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