Divided by a common…

Rebecca Newburn has provided a page about PEDMAS, and she is using Seth Godin’s Squidoo to publish the information – an interesting choice. The page leads to some handy YouTube tutorials, and has links to games and other interactive content.

In the UK, we use BODMAS or BEDMAS as a mnemonic acronym(!) to remember the order of operations;

Of (or Exponential)

In the US, they use PEDMAS, the P for parenthesis. That is probably the reason I was able to register the bodmas domain.

Rebecca’s home page has links to more YouTube tutorials. I look forward to when I can provide (say) 10 YouTubes covering common topics but then find 50 others that I can use in return and then cover a whole Maths unit. Those students who appreciate interactive online material might engage more, and those who prefer the printed page and a teacher to answer questions can still feel fully supported.

Nice to see ‘vedic maths’ (digit sums and partial products) being used as an alternative for US kids to try; many of my Sikh and Hindu students are experts and can extract roots of 8 digit numbers in their heads. It is surprising how many people can remember the Trachtenberg Speed System of Arithmetic – this was used widely in banking and insurance in the UK up until the 1970s.

Food for thought : the sohcahtoa domains in the UK are still mostly available. sohcahtoa.org is registered to someone in Berkley (makes sense) but, alas, is not yet being used.

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