Rights and wrongs

William Wiberforce In our time piece

The BBC provide MP3 files of a few radio programs, including Melvyn Bragg’s In Our Time history talks. I often pop the MP3s onto a player and listen to them on the train.

This week’s issue is what Mr Bragg refers to as an ‘authored piece’ with interviews on location in Hull, Westminster Abbey and Clapham. Sounded good, but…

Please note there is no podcast of this weeks In Our Time because if rights issues

So, as I will be working on both repeats, I either listen again over the broadband connection or I skip the program. I’m a little hazy as to how being able to download an MP3 poses a bigger copyright risk or profile than the ‘listen again’ facility. Streaming audio can be recorded and converted in a few mouse clicks, hardly a huge barrier. The fact that it is a documentary about the abolishion of slavery I can’t download adds a mild irony to the situation.

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