Circle Area and composite shape animation

<p>Contact Keith Burnett, and tell me what kind of browser you are using</p>

This Flash animation was produced from a PPT about areas of circles, and those area problems where you have half a circle added to rectangle and so on. The presentation will last about 10 to 15 minutes including the mini-exercises within the animation. It leads to a homework sheet and practice examples for a test.

This is one of a series on shape and space for an Access GCSE Maths Equivalent course. As mentioned below, to ensure that the Flash export from Open Office 2.0 produces the builds, I need to use separate copies of slides in the PowerPoint where I would normally use a ‘custom animation’ build. I have also had to re-type the formulas produced using MS Equation Editor in the original PPT file – I think this is happening when I resize formulas; the resize instructions appear to be misinterpreted by the OpenOffice formula editor.

This animation includes a few exercises with answers revealed later and I have added hints for the last set of questions. This makes the animation ‘stand alone’ in the sense that there is some chance for readers to interact with the maths and try calculating the answers.

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