Basic areas animation

<p>Contact Keith Burnett, and tell me what kind of browser you are using</p>

This Flash animation was produced from a PPT about areas of rectangles, parallelograms and triangles. The presentation will last about 10 to 15 minutes including the mini-exercises on a separate handout. I’ll probably use the animations at a larger canvas size than the 400 by 300 I’m using here for the course support site.

I’m having to use copied slides to make builds rather than the more intuitive ‘custom animation’ within PowerPoint 2004 because the OpenOffice flash export ignores custom animation; you just end up with the final view of the slide.

I’d put this presentation at Numeracy Core level 1 and possibly 2 although I have built in ideas that could go further. I find that the circles and composite shapes sections take more time (they will be in a separate flash animation coming soon). Most people can get their head around the basic formulas.

The image of Edgbaston Reservoir comes from Google Earth – I’m leaving the copyright on the image so people know the source.

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