Whitby Photos

Very persistent duck in the garden of a Sansend cafe

A selection of snapshots from the Whitby week: arrived in a hailstorm and left in blue skies and warm sun.

Beach huts in shadow

All seagulls are called Boris...

Whitby Abbey has to feature somewhere

Detail on door in St Marys the Virgin

Whitby Sands bathing sign

Whitby seascape.... lots of nowt

A small screw from a fishing boat

Under renovation: Whitby beach

Cafe art... Church Street Whitby

Whitby Saint Ninians church - staff detail

Whitby Saint Ninians Church: the eternal fight against damp

Whitby Saint Ninians Church: Last Supper against the window

Whitby Shelter detail by West side sands

Whitby Shelter another detail

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