OpenOffice 2.2 on Xubuntu 6.06.1

OpenOffice 2.2 installed using alien

I’ve just installed OpenOffice 2.2 onto my Dell L400 P3 using Alien and the same procedure as for installing OpenOffice 2.1. I had to issue the alien and dpkg commands as sudo. There were the error messages about scripts, and I deleted the gnome and kde desktop integration debs before running dpkg. Remember the key is to install and run alien to convert the .rpms into .debs on the machine you want to install onto.

All seems to be working. Now to uninstall OpenOffice 2.1 and re-install 2.2 on the main P4 box.

When Xubuntu 7.04 is released properly, I can install OpenOffice 2.2 from the repositories in place of this messing about.

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