Transitive relations

Charles Nelson has posted a note about my GCSE Maths project in his ESOL blog Explorations in Learning. Nelson is publishing his blog using Tinderbox and Flint, the blogging assistant provided by Eastgate Systems. I personally will need to continue to use WordPress as I publish from multiple locations.

I am flattered by the attention from a total stranger who seems to understand what I am on about, but I am also waging something of a campaign to convince the authors of Tinderbox of the need to be able to access the names of links between notes in HTML templates (and to produce lists of incoming and outgoing links sorted by and headed with the link name for a given note without ‘hard wiring’ specific link type names in the HTML template).

Of course, I could hard wire text links between notes, and given the modest scale of what I’m producing that might be the easiest method.

Perhaps I’m asking a little much for bespoke software where the main focus is sorting notes by attributes using agents – and getting blogs published.

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