Tinderbox 360

New Tinderbox upgrade adds an export template option that allows you to list incoming and outgoing links on a page filtered by link type

Tinderbox is getting larger (like me) and now comes with a bundled note taking application called Yojimbo, so we have a note taker for a note taker. Hummm

Tinderbox can be used to plan and implement heavily hyperlinked Web sites quickly. Unlike many note taking tools with a visual element (e.g. Inspiration, MindGenius and so on) Tinderbox comes with the facility to provide customiseable HTML export templates. You use template codes as placeholders for content that is generated when the Tinderbox document is exported to HTML files. Tinderbox allows visual hyperlinking of notes and links can be of different types. In my GCSE Maths mega mind map, I have link types like

  • IsPartOf
  • RelatedTo
  • ContrastWith

Now I can list the links leading into a topic by these headings, as well as links from the topic to other topics using a single template tag in the code. When this never-ending project becomes publishable, a student landing on a given topic from a search engine (either the site search or Google) will see the topic as part of a nest of relationships to other topics – a schema already. Nice. Tinderbox is a reason for keeping the iBook as I move to open source operating systems mainly.

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