The Challenge

“When I’m working on a story or novel, I set a modest daily goal — usually a page or two — and then I meet it every day, doing nothing else while I’m working on it. It’s not plausible or desirable to try to get the world to go away for hours at a time, but it’s entirely possible to make it all shut up for 20 minutes. [...] The secret is to do it every day, weekends included, to keep the momentum going, and to allow your thoughts to wander to your next day’s page between sessions.” Cory Doctorow: Writing in the Age of Distraction via Fortnightly Mailing.

20 minutes a day. That is a class blog, or perhaps a multiple choice quiz for each box in the mind map, or perhaps the Adult Maths Teachers Survival Guide? My train ride lasts 20 minutes each day. No Internet there…

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