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psyllium husk packaging from India

Psyllium husk is, apparently, a good source of fibre with anti-oxidant properties . Personally, I shall continue to have porridge once or twice a week!

I couldn’t resist the graphics on this small packet found in my local grocer – a shop that stocks yams, cassava, fruit, veg, baklava, callaloo and just about anything else you want including 5 litre cans of olive oil. The Sidhpur factory has a Web site which looks to have been designed circa 2001. Alas, the Web designer chose not to theme the site using the retro graphics on the packaging. I think someone like Jeffrey Zeldman or Jason Santa Maria would have had a field day with these simple and bold graphic elements.

I think it is the retro look of the 3-colour screen print, together with the bold graphics and the use of a factory chimney and 1920’s vintage telephone to associate the product with ‘modern’ things that fired my curiosity and led to the modest purchase. In the UK, most health food additives use pastoral images in their marketing, even though the products are industrially refined and packaged.

Psyllium husk packaging from India - in gujerati

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