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Hot Potatoes is a program for Windows (and Mac OS X as a Java package) that can author a range of types of quizzes. Quizzes can be exported as Web pages, as text pages, and in formats that will load into the WebCT VLE. Moodle can parse the WebCT files. The program is written by two ESOL teachers, and the quizzes available include multiple choice, gap completion, crosswords, a primititive non graphical matching exercise, and a few others. The ESOL backgound of the package is visible in the availability of ‘reading texts’ that can be displayed alongside a quiz. You can write comprehensive material by putting the information in ‘readings’ and by adding quizzes alongside. There is no server-side tracking of scores within the package as yet.

If you want to install Hot Potatoes on your own computer, just download the package from the Web site and follow the instructions…

  • Hot Potatoes download page – pick the ‘Hot Potatoes 6 self-extractor’
  • When this file has downloaded, just double click on the icon to start the installation process
  • Then fill in the form to get a registration code (no cost)
  • If you get stuck, lob me an e-mail and I’ll talk you thru’ the process

You can use Hot Potatoes for nothing, but the licence requires you to place the quizzes you produce on a public Web site. I can arrange to upload your quizzes on this site to satisfy that requirement – but Hot Potatoes are themselves arranging server space with the added attraction that scores can be tracked.

The site has Hot Potatoes tutorials available, the Standard Tutorial for Windows is a good place to start.

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