Press Gazette closes

press gazette journalists as last issue is drafted

The photo above shows an edition of the Press Gazette on a Mac monitor, with a colour print. Martin Stabe’s photo from his Flickr album. The photograph was taken in August 06 at the Old Bailey offices.

Journalists in the UK will now be depending on a blog for coverage and the Media Guardian for jobs. We teachers have the TES which appears to go on forever, funded by the huge jobs section (and it isn’t cheap to advertise a teaching job in the TES). As Richard Burton, former Telegraph editor puts it, “I just find it odd that, if there’s a magazine for the serious goat breeder and one for miners specifically interested in tunnelling and trenchless construction, how on earth can the very people who are the media be denied one of their own?”. Perhaps the Journalists are not that big a slice of the media pie these days?

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