A crop from a lessig slide

Lawrence Lessig explains the background to the Google Book Search law suit. He makes a case for saying that Google’s use of short extracts of books that are within copyright but out of print is not much different from Google’s Web search function.

The material is interesting in itself, but I also like the style of the presentation. Many slides of one or two words that summarise the discussion and allow Lessig to talk around the point. This presentation was produced in Keynote, but the sound track had to be added in iMovie after exporting Keynote slides as JPGs. Lessig has explained the method of cutting the duration of the slides to the sound track, and it is tedious, requiring a split and delete-right for each slide. I’m looking at Adobe Capture on a PC as a quicker way of producing works like this – the idea of sound tracks with commentaries is becoming attractive as a way of presenting Maths content over the Web.

PS: I have also realised that I can use an image as the title of a post – although this may have ‘interesting’ consequences for the appearance of archive pages.

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