Plotting scientific data with MS Excel

Dowload a 7 page handout on plotting scientifc data using MS Excel [ 1 Mb PDF file ].

MS Excel has default settings that reflect the needs of business students and the preparation of graphs and charts for presentations.

Science students need to use Open Access computers in drop in centres where it may not be possible to alter the defaults. This handout shows students how to…

  • Enter data and rename the work sheet
  • Use the chart wizard to plot an XY (Scatter) plot of data
  • Alter the Plot Area colour from the muddy grey default
  • Alter the Data marker colours to enhance contrast
  • Alter the Scale and Marker settings to show Minor tick-marks

Challenge activities include: finding a combination of foreground and background colours for the data markers that will produce crosses, and researching the ‘trendline’ function.

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