Download a one side worksheet on factors, multiples, prime factors, lcm and hcf with answers.

The one side worksheet covers

  • Finding factors of a number in a systematic way
  • Finding multiples of number
  • Highest common factor and lowest common multiple of two by ‘common sense’ listing methods
  • Finding the prime factors of a number
  • Lowest common multiple and highest common factor of two numbers using a systematic method based on a Venn diagram

Simple logic and Venn diagram based questions are no longer on the GCSE or other level 2 syllabuses unfortunately, but a simple Venn diagram provides such an easy way of explaining how to build the HCF and LCM of two numbers that I feel justified in including it.

The prime factors of a positive whole number represent one of the more abstract bits of basic maths, so I find an immediate application helps students see what the prime factors are for, and helps then avoid the confusion between the prime factors and the ‘ordinary’ factors.

I wrote these questions for homework, but they could be used in a workshop setting or as a quick check at the start of a lesson. Some related posts include

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