Quick maths quizzes

Below is a quick quiz for the start of a Maths lesson, consolidating the main message of the previous week’s session. This will copy/paste into Word from MS Internet Explorer. I use paste | special, and select the Formatted Text (RTF) option to get rid of the font I happen to be using on this page, the superscripts are preserved. I’m going to try to follow each of these up with a hotpotatoes quiz as well for online work between lessons.

This quiz covers tables, powers, integers, natural numbers, prime numbers, adding and subtracting money, finding factors. I always teach the ‘multiplication pairs’ way of finding factors.

Quick Maths Quiz 1

Try these without a calculator: should take about 10 minutes

  1. Find 4×3
  2. Find 9×7
  3. What is 45 divided by 5?
  4. Write a sentence explaining the pattern you can use to remember the 9 times table
  5. Find 132
  6. What is 92
  7. Write a sentence explaining what an integer is
  8. Write a sentence explaining how a natural number is different from an integer
  9. Which of these numbers are prime numbers? 1, 5, 17, 21, 33, 51, 57
  10. Find all the factors of 36
  11. Find all the factors of 96
  12. Find all the factors of 78
  13. What is one thousand and sixteen subtracted from six thousand and forty seven
  14. Nigel spends £3.50 on a sandwich, 75p on a bottle of water and 45p on a banana for his lunch. What change will he get from a £5 note?

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