Seth Godin has a post about angry people and how you need to address the anger before any form of marketing can be successful. I’ve pinched his sketch graph here. My argument is that anxiety can act like anger, and ‘value’ could be ‘learning’.

Seth Godin

Frederick Herzberg described a whole range of hygiene factors in a book published in 1959. I have found that fear of failure and the consequences that flow from that can act as a real barrier to learning in Mathematics.

The irony here is that by requiring everyone who wants to do certain jobs or to take certain University courses has a level 2 Maths qualification, we may be increasing Maths anxiety. I need to spend 10 minutes or longer sometimes on very specific anxiety reduction before I can tutor some students on a concept that takes about 15 minutes to cover and (say) another half hour to assimilate. Is that what we want?

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