Ubiquitous computing

ubiquitous computing device business end

My basic pay as you go mobile phone can take pictures (of dubious quality through its plastic lens and slightly off axis optics), and it can make sound recordings at low bit rates. If pushed, I can view this Web site and read and reply to e-mail – that requires a lot of navigating through menus. I can play mp3 tracks and I can download and view stacks of images in folders on the storage card. A colleague is experimenting with wrapping stacks of images in a Web page and copying that to the ‘web pages’ folder on the storage card.

Yesterday it was the moon. Today is cloudy, so can you guess what these two objects might be?

Object No 1

Object 1 - can you guess what it is?

Maths students need one of these, preferably sharp and with a ruler…

Object No 2

Object 2 - first image

I take this object on the daily bus ride and, sometimes, on trains.

Object 2 - second image

Coming next: a podcast from the mobile phone to compare with the Asus EeePC sound recorder quality. Of course, the Asus is a proper computer that can plot graphs and send e-mails (without RSI of the thumb).

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