Podcasting from the Asus

Screen grab showing the Asus Eee PC sound recorder ready for action...

You can listen to 5 minutes about the Asus Eee PC and its potential in the classroom [1.4 Mb, 48 Kbs mono ] as a ‘podcast’ – recorded on the Asus!

This recording was made on the built in microphones on the Asus with the sound recorder set to mono and 44100 samples per second with 16 bit encoding. The volume was up full and I was sitting at the table with the laptop before me. There is a bit of hiss (so the cheap electronics on the Asus is adding some white noise) and the treble response is poor. I had to load the .wav file into Audacity on my iBook anyway to save in mp3 format, so I used the high pass filter with a pole of 440Hz and 6dB per octave cut-off below that. The result sounds clear to me at least.

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When is a podcast not a podcast? Historically, podcasts were recordings made in Garage Band and then downloaded to an iPod and then published over iTunes via an intermediary Web site. Since then, the word has changed to mean any sound recording like a radio program and available from a Web site. I use the term in it’s widest sense here.

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