Simple Sound

Need a digital version of this...

The last time I recorded sound seriously was about 18 years ago, and the simple voice operated cassette recorder was enough then.

Times move on: what I need now is a portable device that can be used to capture sound in various locations, with an integral microphone but with the capacity to plug an external microphone in when needed. I want a one box pocketable solution if possible – no wires, no big intimidating boxes. The sound must be exportable as digital files to an iBook (USB, FireWire, no analogue input) and Windows XP.

The aim is decent quality mono recording of speech, probably interviews so two speakers, in possibly a noisy environment.

A colleague has made very good use of a Sony minidisc recorder for some shorthand practice recordings at different speeds. That is one alternative. Is there anything solid state out there that anyone knows of? I’m trying to move away from media and I understand that I’d need to put the audio from the minidisc player into the iBook as analogue input into something like Audacity.

Just pop a comment on this post if you have any suggestions…

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