Record My Desktop

GTK-RecordMyDesktop does what it says on the packet, and the YouTube above provides the evidence. Using 640 by 480 screen resolution, and setting the audio quality to 50%, 3 minutes of screen recording produced an OGG Theora file that was 21 Mb in size. The image quality is good enough for making screencasts using OpenOffice Impress (or PowerPoint) presentations. Numeracy screencasts on the way…

I’m using Ubuntu 8.10, and the version of gtk-RecordMyDesktop is the one in the Ubuntu repositories for Ibex. I’m using a dynamic microphone, a Maycom MicTube preamplifier, and the analogue Mic input on the NVIDIA integrated sound card on my Asus Pundit P1 box. It all seems to work with plenty of gain in reserve.

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