Mobile Broadband Coverage

OFCOM have published comparative maps of mobile broadband coverage (Jan 2009) showing various providers for the UK.

ofcom t-mobile mobile web coverage

t-mobile 3G above…

3G mobile broadband coverage map Ofcom

3G coverage.

No brainer, if you live in Scotland, you need a wired connection. What surprised me was the fractal holes in the Birmingham conurbation area on t-mobile (my current web’n’walk modem) and the contrast with 3G, the best provider nationally.

The Register chronicles the difficult process by which these large scale maps were made public. I want a Web site I can pop a postcode in and get coverage maps down to antenna level. I want an efficient market.

I find it really quaint that I can use a modem dial script with a USB modem in a minimal linux install on a flea powered web book. AT Hayes codes in a terminal window… bosting.

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