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Violin scroll detail

Image*After and MorgueFile are Web resources where you can find and download high resolution photos for use in PowerPoint presentations or Web pages. MorgueFile’s name comes from the archives kept by newspapers and the Police of old photographs. You can used the ‘advanced’ search page in Flickr and specify only images with a Creative Commons licence.

Red car on assembly track in Italy

Remember Seth Godin’s Really Bad PowerPoint e-book?

“You put up a slide. It triggers an emotional reaction in the audience. They sit up and want to know what you’re going to say that fits in with that image. Then, if you do it right, every time they think of what you said, they’ll see the image (and vice versa).1”

Old printing press - love the swarf

I’d use the image above if I was doing a presentation about how newspapers are failing to react to the Web and the new advertising models. The old press with swarf on the cogs and dull metal rollers conjures up the smell of the presses (I used to walk past the Liverpool Echo presses most days 30 years ago) and conveys the oldness of the medium. I’d need other images to show what is being lost as the newspapers drain money and eyeballs.

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