Blogs in education 2

Mohamed Taher has assembled a nice page of links to blog articles about bogging in education. It will take me some time to work through the various viewpoints and frameworks here but having these all in one place is very useful!

Over at GCSE Maths Help, the story so far is that…

  • The screencasts are getting 100 to 200 downloads each from YouTube but only about 6 of my students are using them
  • None (not one) of the students have needed or wanted to leave a comment
  • At least 4 of the students (from a class of 16) do use the site weekly

The moral of this might be that the most time-effective use of a class blog for evening class students is to provide links to existing resources and lesson summaries rather than authoring huge amounts of content yourself. Having said that, I shall continue to add YouTube based screencasts roughly each week so that I can hand next year’s students a CD-ROM and Web site with a truly interactive scheme of work.

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