Wiki Games

“Homework: write a narrative account of a historical or fictional event as a collection of wiki pages. You must spread the narrative across the wiki — don’t have the story on one page and lots of annotations elsewhere. Nor should you take the one-page story and merely split it into segments named PartOne, PartTwo, and so forth. The wiki structure should contribute the the narrative organically; don’t reformat a conventional narrative.” Mark Bernstein, Wiki Mystery 3

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Ward Cunningham’s famous phrase…

And sometimes the programming was almost effortless, as if Smalltalk had been made to write that program. It was amazing. But other times we’d be programming away, and we’d say, “Now, wait a second, what are we working on here?” We’d just get stuck. And if we were stuck more than a minute, I’d stop and say, “Kent, what’s the simplest thing that could possibly work?” A Conversation with Ward Cunningham and Bill Venners

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