It never occurred to me that the techies writing the software would try to use the computer to simulate paper Ôø? actually not even paper, but paper under glass.quoted in Grand Text Auto blog

Ted Nelson suffered character assasination in a well known Wired article about Xanadu. Anyone who can dismiss Word / MS Xp as a Paper Simulator is fine in my book. When you think about it, modern PCs and application software do spend a lot of time emulating paper! I have always preferred MS Excel’s tabbed worksheets as an interface to Word’s Kerouac like scrolling teletype roll.

The image above is quite deliberately deep-linked to a server that Nelson has specified as a ‘Transquoting’ source. Nice idea, but alas the official server is dead, so I cheated and linked to a server that really does have the picture.

Ted Nelson’s four maxims…

  • most people are fools
  • most authority is malignant
  • God does not exist
  • and everything is wrong

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