Simple summer theme


Note added Wednesday : Theme does not work so well on MS Internet Explorer 6 as installed on Windows 2000. While I fix the CSS, I’m using an even simpler theme based on the fixed one column layout from CSS Tinderbox.

You can Download the ABC WordPress theme as a 28Kb Zip file. The theme can be unpacked and uploaded to the themes folder in WordPress 1.5 or 2.0 installations. It seems to work; but don’t sue me if it melts your Web server.

I visited Open Source Web Design and picked a simple CSS based template called All Business by Aybabtu. I hacked up a single file index.php to match the style classes and selectors and I modified the list layout within the .right class. Then I borrowed the comments.php template from the default Kubrick theme and customised the layout. A single if(is_single()) statement in the index.php calls the comments.php if comments are open, and adds the ‘trackbacks/comments’ status footer to the post page. The result is the theme illustrated above, which I am currently using on Bodmas.

I have re-designed the whole bodmas (400 posts/pages) blog by changing three files – this is the advantage of dynamic Web sites.

I think that Open Source Web Design could become a useful teaching resource as we checklist designs against questions like “what happens if I increase the text size to twice default?”.

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