Xubuntu 7.04

feisty with the compositor option switched on

The Xubuntu 7.04 beta is now available for download and testing. I am typing this on the Dell L400 (an old P3 700MHz workhorse with 256Mb of RAM). The bling is sort of nice, but the Gnu Image Manipulation Program is ‘interesting’ to use if you make windows transparent when they don’t have the focus!

After upgrading the image (around 34Mb of packages today), I installed openoffice.org 2.2 (127Mb download, and 330+ Mb when unpacked). I might forsake Xubuntu 6.06 for this release when the ‘official’ version becomes available.

If you use an LCD monitor and switch on sub-pixel hinting, the font scale issue is still present, you need to edit a file in the .config/xfce4 folder.

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