Debian Lenny

Detail of Lenny desktop on Asus Pundit

Debian Lenny works ok on my desktop computer, an Asus Pundit AH1 box with dual core AMD processors and nvidia graphics and sound. The Lenny release is the current ‘stable’ and so has slightly old packages (Firefox 3.0xx and OpenOffice 2.4) but runs fast. I can always upgrade to Squeeze (the current ‘testing’) when I find a vital reason to.

A lot of things just worked once I did a ‘net install’ from the ‘small’ cd image (just the base system and a package manager) and chose the desktop and standard options. The rest was downloaded over the hard wired internet connection, so I have the up to date packages, rather than installing from a ‘large’ cd and then updating most of the system.

I managed to find work-rounds for all the issues that have arisen so far, mostly from the Debian forums. Below is a quick list of my findings

The scanner just worked with Xsane, and Rhythmbox automatically downloaded the codecs for a couple of mp4 and aac tracks I have on my music player.

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