A Red Herring

red herring

I’m doing a presentation about Moodle and how we need to broaden use of the communications tools next Wednesday. I’m working to a 20 minute time allowance. I’ll be ‘signposting’ people here at various points as we cross large and complex issues. The Red Herring category will mark those extra bits, cut material, and digressions that could not be pursued. The category will also provide referencing for sources that I use.

The image is actually of the Blueback Herring, and thanks to the authors of the Fishes of New York Web site for providing a high quality image for download. They ask that images be cited as: Kraft D. E., D.M. Carlson, and M. Carlson, Inland Fisheries of New York (Online), Version 4.0, Department of Natural Resources, Cornell University and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. They own the copyright of course.

I’ve used the GIMP ‘colourise’ filter with setting of 0 on hue to make this herring red. Yes, I know, Red Herring is actually a kind of kipper.

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