Your name on toast

Your name on toast - the top part of the page as of Nov 21st

I give to charity on a sporadic basis – I know it is more tax efficient to use one of the wage deduction schemes now operating in the UK as the charities can claim the tax that I would have paid on the donation – but this slightly off the wall scheme was too good to miss. The Your Name on Toast page was mentioned by Seth Godin, and it illustrates the importance of putting information ‘above the fold’ on a Web page. Around 27 rounds of toast will be above the fold on the 70% or so of screens that are set to 1024 by 768 pixels, possibly more rounds for the wider screens. The ‘lifetime’ of my round of toast (when it appears) will be determined by the speed at which others decide to make donations.

Maximising the ‘lifetime’ or visability above the fold of posts is the reason I am using a hacked version of the Minimalist Fever theme for this blog. By listing just the title and excerpt of each post in a fluid layout, posts remain above the fold for an average of two weeks (1024 pixel wide screen) compared to a couple of days for the Kubrick theme showing the whole post.

The your name on toast page - the early contributors who are below the fold as the cost of higher positions increases

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