Kettles and HiFis

Not my kettle

“Computers feel more like appliances than they used to in the days when we hand soldered memory chips onto the motherboard or fiddled with DIP switches. A little, but not much – but they’re cheaper and more disposable, and so there’s less concern about what’s really in the box.”

Andrew Orlowski, The Osborne Effect Spooks Apple

  • As long as the next laptop is as quiet as this G4 iBook, I’ll be happy
  • It looks like the first Macs on Intel will be noisy old P4 chips
  • My HiFi is 10 years old and works fine and has done most days
  • My kettle is 15 years old – that is BBC B+ heritage – and it boils
  • Why can’t computers last as long as kettles and HiFis? I mean why do we need to upgrade every 10 seconds. Moores’ Law must hit diminishing returns at some point surely?

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