Strayhorn runs bodmas

Billy Strayhorn - I wonder when the Miles Davies release of WordPress is out?

The bodmas site is now being run through WordPress 1.5 with a few additions…

  • Default Kubrick theme has been munged to remove images and to present post text as right ragged instead of justified
  • The Kubrick theme uses excerpts to generate archive and category pages – I have changed this to full post content
  • The Custom Query String Plugin by Matt Read allows different numbers of posts on different kinds of ‘page’ – pages in WordPress being queries on a database.
  • I’m currently using 3 posts on the home page, 15 on each monthly archive page and unlimited on the category archive pages
  • The next part of the master plan is to see if I can use nice URLs instead of showing the actual database query string in the browser address bar…

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