Signal to Noise

I had a message in my Googlemail inbox saying ‘how exciting and stimulating’ this Web site looked, alas the effect was dulled somewhat by the ‘dear sir or madam’ at the beginning, and the request for a link to a Web site obviously aimed at the school sector.

Well, Lillian, flattery is always welome, and here is your link.

However, had you spent more than a few milliseconds on, you would have been able to resolve the gender issue and it would have become apparent that I work in FE. That isn’t to say that your employer’s site won’t be useful to school teachers, but perhaps narrowing your focus will help the PageRank!

The Teacher Expertise Web site looks like this…

teaching expertise web site made from links and commerical blogs

Another Electric World PLC enterprise…

peak performance magazine web site detail

Both look harmless, and possibly useful. I suppose we will see more of this sort of thing, but I can’t help wondering if a big stonking wiki somewhere could be set up for teachers and ringfenced in some way?

I have not quoted the e-mail directly as I always respect the confidentiallity of the actual text and full names of anyone contacting me via I do link to commercial web sites when I think what they are selling is useful and when I have paid for the product and used it myself.

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