Sharp by name…

“In 1822 two Britons (Sampson Mordan and John Hawkins) developed and patented the first mechanical pencil mechanism to propel a writing core thru a shaft allowing people to write with it. We call this device a mechanical pencil. Growing in popularity across the globe, Tokuji Hayakawa, a metal worker in Japan refined the casing using metal and sold his version as ‚ÄúEver-Sharp Pencil‚Äù. It sold in such great numbers that he founded a company based on the name of the pencil… Sharp.”

I suppose mechanical pencils had to be invented by someone. I used to like using a ‘clutch pencil’ with the chunky lead when I was at school. The diyplanner site has a range of calendar and diary designs that can be downloaded as PDF files. The A4 set might be useful for logging activity as it happens as well as planning.

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