Scott Unrein photo of Charlemagne Palestine on organ

“As we entered Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral, a perfect fifth was already ringing on the organ. Little by little Charlemagne added notes, held down with little wooden splints, and pulled out additional organ stops to thicken the roar of sound. Finally he plunged onto the keyboard with both forearms, and, with overtones at maximum ferment – pulled the plug. The sound died in a swooping glissando, came back on, and did so twice more, in a powerfully dramatic effect.” Kyle Gann, PostClassic, Charlemagne Palestine recital

The man with the soft toys lives in Belgium, but, alas, seems to perform only in the USA. I find the back history of minimalism fascinating. Added 12th Sept: There is a YouTube Video of a performance at St Giles-In-The-Fields Church.

I’m dragging my feet out of the enrollment trifle now and more HotPotatoes quizzes and worksheets very soon as I’m teaching two Adult Numeracy Certificate classes and three Access Maths GCSE equivalent classes.

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