Right Hand, Left Hand

Hand ink print pinched from John Hewsons excellent Web site

Right Hand, Left Hand is a book by Chris McManus about handedness and lateral organisation in human beings. The book is packed with facts and figures but is also easy to read and connects with what McManus refers to as ‘real Biology’ and psychology.

The book is supported by a Web site from which you can download a further 200 plus pages of extended footnotes and historical material as well as full referencing. The Web site also contains tests and questionnaires for handedness research and raises the possibility of intriguing activities for students.

Web design note: John Hewson’s 2002 design for the Web site maximises search engine visability by providing all 200+ pages of the ‘hypernotes’ in HTML format as well as PDF format for those who want to print the material. The site is table-based with nested tables in the early pages. Deeper pages use raw conversion formats.

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