Richard Long

a moved line

Picking up carrying placing one thing to another along a 22 mile walk

moss to wool
wool to root
root to peat
peat to sheep’s horn
sheep’s horn to stone
stone to lichen
lichen to toadstool
toadstool to bone
bone to feather
feather to stick
stick to jawbone
jawbone to stone
stone to frog
frog to wool
wool to bone
bone to bird pellet
bird pellet to stone
stone to sheep’s horn
sheep’s horn to pine cone
pine cone to bark
bark to beech nut
beech nut to stone
stone to end of the walk

Dartmoor 1983, Richard Long , A selection of works by Spacex Gallery, Exteter, 1996, exhibited in the Henry Moore wing at Leeds Gallery of Art. More textworks are available

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