Palm Desktop for Mac OS X

My little monochrome zire 21 organiser comes in handy for quick notes on the train. The Mac OS X Palm Desktop software is currently at version 4.2.1. If you unstuff and then run the installer, you get a system error message – the installer does not check user rights on the Application folder correctly. The work around is to:

  • Make a new folder called ‘palm’ on the desktop
  • Drag the unstuffed installer (with its cute G3 iMac icon – dead give away on age there) into the new folder
  • Drag the new folder containing the installer to the Applications folder on the Mac
  • You will be asked to authenticate the move – type in your password
  • Open the new folder in Applications and double click the installer
  • Make sure you specify the new folder in Applications as the install destination (that folder has the right permissions)
  • Palm Desktop installs in a folder inside the new folder you created!

For some reason, when I first ran the installer, the full set of ‘synchronise’ conduits for the Zire applications did not install correctly. The Palm Desktop does not use the Mac OS X printer system so I can’t print a monthly calendar to PDF…. The irony of all this is that the Palm Desktop is based on the Claris Organiser of many years ago. If I didn’t use the memo application as much, I’d just synch with iCal.

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