Mark Shuttleworth, modems and windows

XFCE4 Window Manager settings dialog box showing the advanced tab

Mark Shuttleworth interview with Slashdot explains the dot com millionaire’s approach to making Open Source software work for Africa and pay.

Ubuntu update: The 5.04 Hoary install on this little laptop needs to have the modem drivers compiled.

  • wiki page for Lucent Winmodems
  • I used the Warty instructions after having tried the Hoary procedure first
  • I suspect this might be to do with the kernel packages in use on this install is “Linux ubuntu 2.6.10-5-386” instead of “686” in the example shown on the wiki page
  • I’m into XFCE4 as the desktop environment – can be made to look fast and snappy on this 700 MHz machine. Just make sure you untick the ‘move window contents’ items in Window Manager Settings

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