LAMP on Mac?

Small pic of typewriter for gratuitous decoration of the post

Random fact : to remove an orphaned item from the System Preferences in Mac OS X, just go to Users :: You :: Library :: PreferencePanes and drag the offending addition to the waste basket

Context of random fact: Mac OS X Panther comes with Apache 1.x and php 4.3 ready to run. The Apache conf file just needs some tweaking as mentioned on the link above (the free TextWrangler text editor can be used in place of BBEdit). MySQL has to be installed – and MySQL 4.1 has a different authentication system compared to MySQL 4.0.2x, which won’t work with WordPress, PHPmyAdmin and so on. Guess who installed 4.1….. Time to use the rm -r command in earnest, but then had to remove the System Preferences item by hand.

Hoping that if WordPress will work locally, then so will Moodle and Mambo, thus allowing more rapid template development. We shall see…

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