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Podcasting with the samson USB dynamic microphone: noisy but convenient

  • Colleges have rules about students publishing on college servers and so they should
  • Many journalists have their own blogs (Jeff Jarvis’ Buzzmachine”, and Kieren McCarthy as two examples)
  • Is it time to encourage our students to branch out and set up their own blogs?

I would probably suggest that the students should adopt a nickname for now as the Way Back Machine can be unforgiving if you are trying to live down things you wrote years ago.

A simple blogger account would introduce students to the joys of self-publishing, and would encourage the students to get friends and relatives to read the pages and leave quotes. As the students are not publishing on College servers, there would be no editorial role needed. It transpires that sub-editors may be a dying breed anyway, and student journalists may need to get used to editing their own copy.

Judging by the Telegraph experiments, journalists may soon need to podcast and produce short videos as well, so perhaps a single podcast per student and some collective video on YouTube might round off an online CV.

I’ll be checking this one out with the Powers-That-Be. We’ll get that Social Web thing going soon, I’m sure. It will be interesting to see who develops their blog into a permanent project.

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