How does your news get paid for?

“A dollar for a newspaper or a few bucks for a glossy magazine feels like a fair price for a copy. Trees have been cut, presses have been rolled, trucks have been driven to get that copy into your hands.” John Gruber Daringfireball Pay Walls

replying to

“Content matters. And you must find a way, in the brave new world of digitization, to make people pay for that content. If you do this, you still have a product and there is still an industry, a calling, and a career known as professional journalism. If you do not find a way to make people pay for your product, then you are—if you choose to remain in this line of work—delusional.” David Simon, Columbia Journalism Review

in the context of how to replace the print operation

“If you’ve got to run the largest printing operation in town, and the largest cartage operation in town, as a side-effect of your real business, then spending an extra dollar or two on editorial has no significant effect on the bottom line.” Mark Bernstein, Newspapers Are Big Not Bloated

Nice example of using various blogs (and an edited online publication) to maintain a dialogue. The dialogue is about something most of us don’t think about too much, but I suspect when newspapers just are not there any more, people might notice!

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