Good enough

I wonder, though, if “good enough” might be the next big idea. Audio players, cars, dryers, accounting… not the best ever made, not the most complicated and certainly not the most energy-consuming. Just good enough. Seth Goldin on his blog

I think GoodEnough© might be the next thing as long as these appliances JustWork™. I’m trying to find a digital camera that has a fixed focal length lens with a field around 65 degrees (35mm focal length on 35mm film) a relatively low f number (f/2 or f/2.8) and that can take pictures in the twilight. I don’t need zooms, menus, and long delays between the pressing of the button and the recording of the image. I don’t even need the LCD if there is a view-finder, but I suppose people expect LCDs now.

The digital voice recorders are GoodEnough right now – please Olympus, no more functions!

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