Flickr photos on paper?

The flickr photos were meant to provide a resource for use in blogs, on Web pages, and as PowerPoint backgrounds, they are not meant for paper reproduction especially.

I’ve just been asked via the comments (now back on moderation thanks to those nice people in Romania) about printing onto paper.

As Flickr is a resourced published to the Web, you can do what you like with the images, but I would personally suggest

  • Keep the size down to about A4 max – the photos are all lowish resolution by today’s standards
  • Use glossy surface (i.e. ordinary prints) as opposed to  canvas effects that destroy detail
  • Use how you like but if you modify the photos significantly, they become a new work and I don’t want attribution!
A4 (roughly 12 by 8 inches) seems about the maximum enlargement that the 2000 pixel wide images can take. If my pictures on flickr are about anything, they are about detail and complexity in the built environment. Fuzzy over enlargements or ‘fancy’ surfaces work against the images.

Some links about photographs and styles…

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